What Is Aether?

Aether is a platform. It’s not tool that can just be deployed and used out of the box (but if that’s what you’re looking for, you might want to look at Gather). Instead it’s a set of modules and best practices for the real-time manipulation and publication of data to a destination of your choice.

Aether is for you if:

  • you already have a large amount of data, but it’s in a format that makes it unwieldy or hard to use
  • you have a data source and a data location, but you just can’t get them to speak the same language
  • you’re tired of manually exporting data from system A and importing it to system B
  • you need more control over the privacy and anonymity of data that you share with partners
  • you need to perform real-time analysis of a constant stream of incoming data

In very broad brush strokes, Aether works in three stages:

  • Data comes in
  • Data is transformed and restructured as required
  • Data goes out

To do this, Aether works with data contracts: definitions that provide guarantees about the structure of the data that is output, so that dashboards or other external systems can be confident of its integrity.

Watch some more details about Aether, along with a short demo: